This is the  BIGG KIDD band.  We've been making fools of ourselves all over the country for over 10 years with no end in sight!  The "Classic" BIGG KIDD lineup: Steve Kidd (guitar), Tom Tymn (bass), Todd Caufield (drums), Chuck Pratt (keyboard), Andrew Zendejas (Guitar) and Nick on vocals bring the best of Country, Rock and all around "party tunes" to the stage.












WHISKEY RIDGE is tearing up the East County San Diego country nightclub scene with a mix of current and classic country, with a bit of other stuff thrown in for fun.  Steve Russell (guitar), John Mueller (drums), Tom Perry (bass), Andrew Zendejas (guitar) and Nick on vocals make up the core of this group.








TIMBERSTONE is all acoustic - rock, country, 70's tunes - it's all part of the show you can sing along with all night long!

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